Michael RN Jones

Michael RN Jones is the pen name I chose when Sherlock Holmes, Boro’s greatest detective became Victor Locke. After writing the Holmes books I soon realized if a decent number of people were going to read them, it would take a sizable promotional push.  It didn’t matter that the feedback suggested the books were good.  As many a writer might tell you, writing a decent book is probably less than half the battle.

Thinking I would need a little bit of help to get to the point of the TV series and Hollywood movie, I approached fellow purveyor of the literary narcotic and Fahrenheit Press founder Chris McVeigh.  Chris was very enthusiastic, however he felt the Sherlock Holmes thing put them in danger being seen as fan fiction, with this presenting a barrier to them achieving the profile they deserved. Seeing the stories as far more than a homage to Sherlock Holmes and somewhat better than the TV shows of Sherlock and Elementary, to which they are invariably linked, he proposed a makeover.  

I must admit I took a while for me to be convinced. However, when you are being given a steer from someone with twenty-five years of experience in the publishing industry it’s seems prudent to listen. Consequently, we kicked a few ideas around and, following a couple of transatlantic calls, Victor Locke was born.

The Accidental Detective: The Victor Locke Chronicles was published by Fahrenheit Press with much fanfare in February 2017. The Song of the Swan followed hot on the heals the July after.  With respect to the success of this strategy, the jury is still out. However, whatever happens, I can always say “yeah, I had a book deal once”. Cheers, Chris.


The Victor Locke Chronicles


But why Michael RN Jones specifically? Therein lies a riddle...

A lover boy blue who stopped having such fun
A colourful person toting a machine gun
A boogaloo dude who got things done