The Darlington Substitution

Holmes The Darlington Substitution

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With Watson's literary career going from strength to strength, he secures a slot on local radio to publicize his new book.  Uncertain as how to well it went, he is still a little surprised when the recording isn't broadcast. Although disappointed, he disregards this snub to his confidence as peculiar but unimportant bend in the path of his literary career.   

Sherlock Holmes is not so dismissive. He seizes upon the event, certain that there is more to this rebuff than meets the eye. He grills Watson to the content of his interview, convinced a key fact will reveal all. There is nothing. Watson is sure off that. An investigation ensues that includes cameos from a number of Teesside authors.

The Darlington Substitution is a retrospective account, occurring around the same time of the events chronicled in Holmes Volume 2.  As a novella it is the longest Holmes story to date.

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