The Accidental Detective

“An entertaining, witty and a respectful re-imagining of the beloved detective”

A Singularly Different Sherlock Holmes

The Accidental Detective series by Melvyn SmallImagine if Sherlock Holmes, with his dry wit and natural predilection for data, deduction and logic, had been born in a different time and place. The Accidental Detective places the world’s greatest detective in gritty present-day Middlesbrough. This working-class anti-hero teams up with his court-appointed psychologist, Doctor John Watson, to train his immense skills on a series of mysteries that both baffle and entertain.

This Sherlock Holmes is different from you’ve seen before. The arrogance of old would get short shrift on Teesside. Instead, our loveable rogue hides his talents under a bushel of misdirection, self-deprecation and gin-dry northern wit, served up with some rather coarse language.

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If you don’t believe that, take a squint at some extracts from the latest reviews. The feedback from some very busy readers has been brilliant:

“A really entertaining and at times laugh out loud read.”

”Fun and escapist with just enough edge to feel authentic.”

”Light and quick, and full of sharp humour.”

”I adored this book from beginning to end, I fell in love with all the characters”.

”There are not many books which actually make me laugh out loud but this one did.”

“A wonderful modernisation of Sherlock Holmes whilst staying true to the inimitable features of Conan Doyle's original characters.”

“An intriguing and captivating read.”