Mel Small, Writer of This and That

Mel SmallBorn in Stockton-on-Tees and raised in nearby Billingham, Mel left Northfield Comprehensive School at 16 to train as a civil engineering technician at Cleveland County Council Surveyor and Engineer's Department. It was during this time, spent either at a drawing board or on the clever end of a theodolite that, following a rather sharp haircut, he was bestowed the nickname Melvis.  Thanks go out to Joan the tea lady for that one.  Fortunately Mel is not a vengeful chap and has not once even considered informing HM Revenue and Customs of Joan's illicit below-the-tea-trolley line in Kitkats and Marathons.  Whether Mel retains any likeness to the King of Rock 'n' Roll is debatable, however even the most imaginative would now concede he is less GI Blues and more the Vegas years.  Mel loves a parmo.

On the completion of his traineeship at the council, which included BTEC qualifications studied on day release at both Cleveland Technical College and Teesside Polytechnic, Mel relinquished his unused right to countersign passport applications and photographs, and left local government for a period of employment in the private sector. This included stays at WS Atkins, WA Fairhurst and, perhaps his spiritual home, the now defunct Bullen Consultants Limited.  During this period, interrupted by a bachelor’s degree in civil and structural engineering at the University of Sheffield, that Mel undertook a lot of modelling work.  Three-dimensional ground modelling work to be precise, Mel's use of isopachyte analysis being now the thing of legend.

An natural engineer, Mel expanded his capability into that of hydraulic engineering soon forming quite a reputation in the fields of both storm water drainage and sewerage design, his skills in this area being such that he soon earned the honorary title of the Shitman. It's no exaggeration to state that Mel has forgotten more about storm water attenuation than most people will ever know.

Feeling more inclined to a digital era the modelling shitman left the world of roundabout entry deflection and balancing ponds to embark on a career in information technology.  Following a master's degree in information processing at the University of York, he gaining employment in the IT department of a large financial services organisation. It wasn't his fault.  None of it.  Honest.

With respect to the written word, Mel's efficient writing style is perhaps the requirement of both engineering and computer science to communicate in a concise manner. The comedy in his literary output being more of a function of a Teesside up bringing.  Mel's first foray into the world of creative writing came in the form of slogans for leading tee shirt retailer Shot Dead In The Head.  Mel's work included the popular What Part Of Theoretical Physics Do You Not  and If You Can Read This You Are Too Close.

Upping the word count considerably into that of fictional crime writing,  Mel's first printed work Holmes Volume 1 and the imaginatively titled Holmes Volume 2 are now available to buy in Kindle and paperback formats. 

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