The Darlington Substitution Blog Tour is Success

27th Mar 2018

Hi Holmies,

The blog tour for the Holmes: The Darlington Substitution has winged its way around some of the best book review blogs on the web and has been a resounding success. Given this was my first experience of a blog tour I didn’t really know what to expect. As it turned out it was brilliant. All the bloggers posted their reviews as planned and the reviews themselves were over whelming.

Holmes: The Darlington SubstitutionIt’s actually a little nerve racking clicking on a link to see what someone thinks of your work. Doubly so when it’s part of a tour and the reviews had been announced ahead of their publication. If any of the reviews has been rubbish, I couldn’t have accidently lost them down the back of a drawer. I would have had to fess up. As it turns out they were all really good. Here’s a few examples of the kind words I received:

“Fluent, engaging, and with a well-judged balance of wit and humour set against the investigation of a mystery, Small has incorporated the best aspects of Sherlock Holmes while adding his own imaginative twist.”


“All in all, an engaging idea, well realised, providing a refreshingly different angle on the Great Detective.”

Blue Book Balloon

“I read this novella really quickly, partly because it’s short and partly because it’s so good. It completely exceeded my expectations and it frequently made me smile or laugh.”

Short Book and Scribes

“As an editor, I’m a tough crowd but was soon won over… Rating: 5 out of 5”

Morgen Bailey

“Melvyn Small’s writing is superb.”

Whispering Stories

I particularly like that last one… who knew? I think I'm going to start refering to myself in the third person as the critically acclaimed author.

Click here if you would like to read the rest of the reviews.

Click here if you would like to read Holmes: The Darlington Substitution.


Holmes: The Darlington Substitution Blog Tour

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