Holmes Flies To The Moon

8th Aug 2016

Sherlock Holmes: Enigma, Detective, Boro Fan

Holmes and the Riverside Thriller

The follow up to the popular Holmes Volume 1, the imaginatively titled Holmes Volume 2, is currently in the hands of the fine people at 6e Publishing and is working its way through the publishing process as you read… unless of course you’re reading this sometime later and it’s already available in all good bookshops.  Assuming not, if you can’t wait to get your fix of Boro’s greatest detective, then a brand new Holmes story is being serialised in the Middlesbrough FC fanzine, Fly Me To The Moon.

Through the course of the 2016/17 football season, subscribers to FMTTM will be able to follow the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his one time therapist, Doctor John Watson, as they wend their way through the story of Holmes and the Riverside Thriller.

In this rip-roaring adventure, serialised over all ten issues of the magazine, the body of a fan is found dead in the middle of the pitch ahead of a crucial Europa League match.  With Detective Inspector Lestrade having placed a police cordon around the Riverside Stadium, refusing to open up the gates until the perpetrator is identified, Holmes and Watson face a race against time to unravel the mystery and ensure the match goes ahead.


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