A Couple More Amazon Reviews for Holmes Volume 1

28th Jul 2016

Hi Holmies,

Another couple of Amazon reviews for Holmes Volume 1 follow. Many thanks to Damppebbles and Dave Hill for their heart-warming feedback.  If you haven't left your thoughts then there's no time like right now...

I do enjoy short story collections but they tend to be individual ..

This was a real treat for me. Something quite different to the books I usually read. I do enjoy short story collections but they tend to be individual standalone stories written by different authors and put together as a collection. This however is a collection of six short stories about the same characters written by the same author and it was a joy!

You should know something about me before we get too far into this review. I really don't like Sherlock Holmes. I've never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books nor do I want to. If I have stumbled upon a Holmes short story in the past it has always left me feeling cold. I haven't watched any of the recent TV series or films, I'm just not interested. That was until Holmes turned into a Boro lad.

The book contains 6 short stories but the way they are written, the way they cross over and flow seamlessly meant I didn't feel like I was reading a collection of individual stories.

So, Sherlock Holmes, the northern bloke. I loved him. He's well written and believable. Everytime he spoke, he spoke with a Boro accent in my head. The rest of the characters are just as well written; Dr John Watson and Martha for example.

It must be quite a challenge for a writer to take someone else's character (especially one as well known as Sherlock Holmes) and turn them into your own. Melvyn Small has produced a sterling effort in this anthology. I was pleased to read that Volume 2 is on it's way in 2016. I, for one, will certainly be purchasing a copy.

Many thanks to Melvyn Small for providing me with a copy of Holmes Volume 1 in exchange for an honest review.

By Damppebbles on 23 March 2016

4 out of 5 stars


Not only do I enjoy this book I wanted to steal it. What other fictional greats could stride the cobbled streets? The games roughly 30cm!

By Dave Hill on 24 March 2016

5 out of 5 stars 

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