Three Pint Problems… Published

12th Nov 2022

"Funny, entertaining and absolutely brilliant."

Hi Holmies,

Three Pint Problems by Melvyn SmallAfter exactly six short years since the publication of Holmes Volume 2 (now rebranded as The Song of the Swan) the third volume stories from your favourite detective are here. Three Pint Problems contains three feature length stories and a cheeky little bonus jaunt not previously published as a paperback. You’re on for a treat. It has already received some cracking reviews…

The amazing Michelle Ryles of The Book Magnet fame said she couldn’t recommend Three Pint Problems highly enough and described it as “funny, entertaining and absolutely brilliant”. Karen Cole on the Hair Past a Freckle blog wrote a fantastic review saying it was “entertaining, witty and a respectful re-imagining of the beloved detective”. Over on the AlexJBookReviews instagram page, top man Alex thought it was an “extravagant reincarnation of Holmes with lots of humour, craft and guile”. As part of the launch I also had a bit of fun Staying In with Linda Hill over on her Linda’s Book Bag blog.

If you would like some laugh-out-loud detective mystery then head on over to Indipenned and grab yourself a copy. Alternatively, if you favour convenience over supporting independent businesses, the listing also includes links to Amazon for both Kindle and Paperback versions.


For those of you who like a bit of a summary, here’s the blurb…

“I giggled from start to finish with the dry humour that rolled off of each page.”

Doctor John Watson has reached into his archives to treat us to three feature-length adventures. In The Darlington Substitution, The Devil’s Advocate and Murder on the Teesside Princess we see Boro’s greatest detective at the height of his wisecracking, foulmouthed, law disregarding deductive brilliance.

The Accidental Detective series by Melvyn SmallIf the devil is in the detail, he has nowhere to hide.

“An interesting and enjoyable take on one of my favourite classics.”

“The best novella I have ever read.” (The Darlington Substitution)

“Melvyn Small’s writing is superb.”


Stay safe and share the love,


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