Holmes and the Riverside Thriller

"By far my favourite version of Holmes"

When the body of a fan is found dead in the middle of the pitch ahead of a Europa League match, the police cordon off the Riverside Stadium refusing to open up the gates until the perpetrator is found. Holmes and Watson face a race against time to unravel the mystery and ensure the match goes ahead.

Holmes and the Riverside Thriller


The Riverside Thriller was originally published as a serialisation in the Middlesbrough FC fanzine, Fly Me To The Moon, across the inglorious 2016/2017 Premier League campaign. 


Holmes and Watson are both die hard Middleborough footie fans in this hugely witty and enjoyable 're-boot' of the legendary duo. A murder in the centre circle of the Riverside Stadium with lots of knowing references to the town, the club and Indie Rock leaves one with a warm feeling of satisfaction and a 'perma-grin'. Great far my favourite version of Holmes...thankfully one of a series. Well done indeed Mr Small.

5 out of 5 stars

Ian Douthwaite, The Barely Dry Book Company

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