The Song of the Swan

The Song of the Swan by Michael RN JonesThe Victor Locke Chronicles Book 2

(Previously published as Holmes Volume 2)

Victor Locke, everyone’s favourite wise-cracking detective is back in a new set of adventures dutifully recorded by his friend and loyal associate Dr Jonathan Doyle.

When Victor Locke is detained at her majesty’s pleasure, his only hope of release sits squarely on the shoulders of his faithful companion. As Dr Doyle does his utmost to free his friend, he becomes wracked with uncertainty. Does he really know Victor Locke at all? Is Locke innocent of the crime with which he’s accused?

As Locke & Doyle edge closer to a final confrontation with destiny, a major question arises - who is the mysterious Professor and what are his plans for Victor Locke?

Published By: Fahrenheit Press


"Locke was stranger, more clever, and funnier. Doyle was a better version of the guy we'd met previously, and the crimes were more interesting. All in all, a fun read, a great way to spend a few hours and one of those sequels that delivers on the promise of the first. Heartily recommended."


The Song of the Swan is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle ebook.