Three Pint Problems

“I giggled from start to finish with the dry humour that rolled off of each page.”

The Accidental Detective Book 3

Three Pint Problems by Melvyn SmallDoctor John Watson has reached into his archives to treat us to three feature-length adventures. In The Darlington Substitution, The Devil’s Advocate and Murder on the Teesside Princess we see Boro’s greatest detective at the height of his wisecracking, foulmouthed, law disregarding and deductive brilliance.

If the devil is in the detail, he has nowhere to hide.

Published by Indipenned

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"By far my favourite version of Holmes"

“Funny, entertaining and absolutely brilliant.”

“Entertaining, witty and a respectful re-imagining of the beloved detective.”

“An extravagant reincarnation of Holmes with lots of humour, craft and guile”.

“Melvyn Small’s writing is superb.”

The Darlington Substitution

With Watson's literary career going from strength to strength, he secures a slot on local radio to publicise his new book. Uncertain as to how well it went, he is still a little surprised when the recording isn't broadcast. Although disappointed, he disregards this snub to his confidence as a peculiar but unimportant bend in the path of his literary career. Holmes is not so dismissive. He seizes upon the event, certain that there is more to this rebuff than meets the eye.

Murder on the Teesside Princess

On the occasion of Martha’s birthday, Holmes treats her and the gang for a slap-up meal on the Teesside Princess. As you can probably imagine, the evening entails more than fine wine and haute cuisine. As Holmes investigates a newly found fascination with champagne, one of the crew is found dead. With the great detective inebriated and restrained, following an altercation with a fellow passenger, it falls upon Watson to figure identify who on board is the murderer in an adventure that sneaks a wink at the golden age of locked-room mysteries.

The Devil’s Advocate

As Sherlock Holmes recounts a story from his youth, the past and the present entwine when a request for help comes from an unexpected source. As Watson gains increased insight into the strange creature that is Holmes and the events that have moulded him, the intrepid duo rise to the call to investigate a potential miscarriage of justice.

The Riverside Thriller
(Bonus Story)

When the body of a fan is found dead in the middle of the pitch ahead of a Europa League match, the police cordon off the Riverside Stadium refusing to open up the gates until the perpetrator is found. Holmes and Watson face a race against time to unravel the mystery and ensure the match goes ahead.

Click here to be baffled and amused in equal measure.