Review - Holmes: The Darlington Substitution

8th Mar 2019

A creative and well-crafted tale

I've just received a review for the Darlington Substitution. I'm pretty sure this is the first review Holmes has received from Canada and it's five star. Excuse me... whoo hoo!

An entertaining account of a present-day Sherlock.

If you can imagine Sherlock Holmes set in present-day London and that he is not a high-functioning sociopath but a smart-ass occasionally crass detective, you will love this story. The story takes a while to get moving but then it picks up and it more or less what you think Conan Doyle might have written had he been alive today. The "Darlington Substitution," as Sherlockians all know, is one of the many unpublished cases mentioned in The Canon and this story is a creative and well-crafted tale of what such a case might have been. Recommended for all of you who always are looking for more Sherlock.

Craig Stephen Copland - author of New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries

5 stars

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