Project Melv!s

So what's this Melv!s thing all about?

Melv!s is not me, it's a music project. For longer than I care to remember I’ve scribbled lyrics. Although it’s hard to be subjective, I think some of these were pretty decent. At times they were both original and clever. At other times they were shockingly bad. There were some very youthful attempts to commit some of these lyrics to the recording media of the time. It’s safe to say these attempts yielded little of note. Sometimes, you just can’t get the collaborators. 

Provisionally Yours by Melv!sDespite the challenges, I never gave up on the idea that I would one day get around to recording something. In the intervening years, while life was busy making other plans, some rather useful technology happened and it became possible for extremely professional sounding recordings to be created at a far more accessible cost than when an hour in Abbey Road or Sarm West cost the price of a Ford Fiesta. I don’t actually have the musical skills and training to create a releasable recording, but if I bang long enough on a keyboard, I can  create a reasonable approximation of what I have in my head.  

In 2020 I hooked up with a remarkably skilled producer in Sheffield and, with the help of some other very talented musicians, we recorded a song called Provisionally Yours. Although this endeavor was very much a proof of concept, the results were somewhat of a revelation. Provisionally Yours is  certainly not like anything I’ve ever heard before. The feedback from close friends and associates was very encouraging… as might be expected. Obviously, you should make up your own mind.

With the single in the bag the next challenge on the road to domination of the music industry (ahem) was an extended play. Those of us in the business call them EPs. I think I’m getting the hang of this. May 2021 and some visits to Sheffield’s Make Noise Studios yielded the five rather different yet still cohesive tracks that now comprise The Perfect EP. This mélange of musical styles provides the original soundtrack (OST) to a novel I’ve written. The plan, you’ve gotta love a plan, is to try and get out there in time for Christmas 2022. This is only a year after I had planned to publish it. The Perfect EP will see the sound waves of the end of this year. 

And there it is. It’s perhaps not the most common route to becoming a recording artist but then isn’t it just about the music?  In these times of people who sing in their pants, there must still be a place for good writing and excellent production by fully-dressed adults. It would be much appreciated if you could take some time to listen to my tunes. I think they’re pretty good… yeah, yeah… of course I would say that.  But would I? 

Provisionally Yours,



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