Green Points: The Definitive Guide

A Metric for the Maintenance and Remediation of Information Systems

With millions spent on developing information systems, it is important to protect this investment by ensuring these systems are well-maintained. Green Points ™ provides a metric for quantifying the value embedded by maintenance and remediation activities, which allows those involved to make more informed management decisions and provide improved support for the systems critical to the success of their business. Green Points: The Definitive Guide


Green Points: The Definitive Guide includes:

  • an introduction to green points including background information demonstrating how they can benefit your organisation 
  • an explanation of transactions, weighting coefficients and maintenance life, the key concepts of Green Point Analysis
  • a description of green point calculation including a worked example
  • a list of potential applications of Green Point Analysis describing how they can be used within maintenance projects, portfolios and organisations
  • data sheets, case studies, frequently asked questions and a glossary of green point terms.


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